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They say- there is nothing in the Eatern Slovakia. We say- there is an awesome IT world. You can discover it right here!

Co-working center

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Eastcubator Košice

Co-working center
We do not perform miracles and we do not claim to do so. We help start-up entrepreneurs, mainly from the IT field, to start their business, first of all to find customers, then partners and later investors. In our premises, you can experience the atmosphere of a beehive, where even the walls breathe with experience. You may be wondering why pay for space in an incubator, when you have it at home for free. No one will probably tell you this, but we know from our own experience that working from home has its disadvantages. The boundary between work and home gradually disappears hand in hand with motivation, and your enthusiasm gradually fades. When you come to us, it's like going to work... but you don't have grumpy colleagues, but a young team in which everyone works on their own yourself. Whether you come is up to you...

Eastcubator Prešov

Co-working center
"Coworking, or a shared space for work, is a place where even ordinary work turns into an efficient one. It is helped by a great team, a favorable space, music, or an always-on coffee machine. We are like a family and we are constantly growing!"

HUBA Coworking

Co-working center
We are a small community of independently working people from Košice, whose common spaces enable us to share ideas, common values ​​and thus use the focused environment and experience of other colleagues to our advantage. Our Coworking is an excellent substitute for working from home or a cafe. HUBa Coworking is a combination of collective work in a flexible office environment that is shared with other creative colleagues.

Starport Coworking

Co-working center
Business coworking for Košice focused on startups - we have 26 tables on 3 floors, a skype room and a meeting room.
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